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4 thoughts on “Death_lady kūryba

  1. aaa… dar… 😳

    The Horror

    Tonight I can smell the death surrounding me
    Shadows – like scratches
    No way to escape
    And no way where to go…
    I can feel I’m sinking in the darkness
    I’m screaming so loudly, but no one can hear me
    And something inside me
    Is burning my liver!
    I’m shaking, bleeding and dieing
    But I can’t stop now – not now,
    It’s too late.
    To many routs I have walked
    And not many left to go…
    I’m waiting for better and thinking
    Why is there so much pain around me? –
    The silence – no answer…
    But then… oh my God!
    The sun is brighter
    The darkness is retreating
    And all evils and black thoughts now,
    Is only the portrait,
    Somewhere… deep,
    In my mind…

  2. Deep Soul

    Sometimes I wake up and think
    About my life that was cursed
    About my soul that not once has been lost.

    I was burning my self in the flames
    I was hanging my self with no shame
    I’ve cursed all the world
    I was making mistakes.

    I was playing the organ of my soul
    Like a fingerless hunchback of cathedral
    And a fallen angel has stolen
    My soul…

    I’ll fallow the shadow of God
    Maybe I’ll get in to the heaven
    And those words inside my head – will die!
    Will be gone like a focus of conjurer…


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